Meet the Leadership Team


Our team has extensive R&D experience in leading the credit efforts for many Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies in virtually every industry, as well as with Pre-Filing Agreements (PFAs) and informal methodology agreements with the IRS. We are comprised of experienced R&D professionals with sustained credits for studies that have led to over $1.5 billion dollars. BWC is led by Managing Director Dexter Peltzer, who is personally involved in every engagement. Dexter directed and led the R&D study that led to one of the principle court cases (Trinity Industries), allowing prototypes under production contracts. In addition, this issue was also allowed under a PFA for the Aerospace industry.

In addition, we have a robust CAS team that allows us to perform statistical sampling under Rev. Proc. 2011-42, as we have used for a PFA with a technology company with approximately $6 billion R&D spend. This results in a substantial reduction in audit costs and risk since the sample units documented under the study are the same units that must be audited by the IRS. Additionally, this results in a dramatic reduction of operational time involved in the study and the audit for the present and future 4 years.

We have developed excellent relationships with the National IRS, including Territory Managers, as a result of our work on PFAs, and are currently working with multiple Fortune 500 companies in multiple year engagements. Get in touch to join us in realizing your credit potential!

Dexter Peltzer

Managing Director, Research & Development

Dexter Peltzer brings a wealth of experience to his role as Managing Director of Berkshire West & Co.’s Research & Development group. Dexter was previously a partner at a Big 4 Firm in the Research & Development tax credit practice for over 10 years. Prior to this he started and directed the Southwest Region R&D practice for another Big 4 firm. With over 25 years of experience leading R&D tax credit studies for Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies, Dexter specializes in large-scale, complex R&D projects in the technology, automotive, energy, defense, manufacturing, industry sectors. Dexter developed the methodology and led the study for one of the major successful Court Cases involving the allowance of prototypes for the research credit. In addition, Dexter secured over $1 billion in sustained tax credits for a single major auto company, including the establishment of  methodology carried forward for 12 years.

Brandon Schmidt

Director, Research & Development

Brandon has over nineteen years of experience managing large scale, complex R&D credit studies for Fortune 500 and Fortune 1,000 companies from scoping through very successful audits.  This has included developing work plans, and mentoring teams to ensure that communications and work products are of utmost quality. Brandon has also worked closely with numerous IRS officials during audits. Brandon also has a wide variety of industry experience which includes manufacturing, technology, & industrial machining.

Ian Walker

Tax Manager, Research & Development

Ian focuses on managing R&D credit studies for Fortune 500-1000 clients. In this capacity, he develops work streams, facilitates communication with clients, performs financial modeling, data analysis, statistical sampling, and more. His two bachelor’s degrees in economics and philosophy support his ability to perform the rigorous quantitative and qualitative analytics needed for successful R&D credit engagements.

Bryan Kronenberg

Tax Manager, Research & Development

Bryan has been with Berkshire West & Co. since 2019 and works primarily with clients in the consumer app, engineered fasteners/components, and electronics manufacturing services industries, drawing upon his background in physics to apply consistent, effective analytics practices to R&D credit studies. A Los Angeles native, Bryan enjoys long morning hikes, but only after he’s had his coffee.